RemServe Medical Soft Cap Headgear

Need an alternative to traditional headgear? 

- This could be exactly what you're looking for

We are now fully stocked up on an incredibly comfortable alternative headgear that is very soft AND lightweight!

Being heavily involved with the design process we have even gone as far to have the seams stitched on the outside of the headgear/cap and although this may look odd compared to conventional designs, this means you are able to secure the headgear without the seams creating any irritation or discomfort to the head/scalp - being especially useful for Neonates and Paediatrics who may have sensitive skin.

The Softcap headgear is available in a range of sizes covering from Neonates, Paediatrics and all the way up to Adults as we appreciate that no 2 patients are the same and for one reason or another, a traditional headgear sometimes just isn't sufficient, which can be pivotal when it comes to compliance. 

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And don't worry, we also stock the Softcap headgear in a variety of colours including; blue, pink and white.

What colour would you have yours in? Let us know in a comment, we are even considering camouflage for the CPAP aficionado on the go. We know how important it is to have a good nights sleep whilst keeping yourself camouflaged from predators whilst camping in your back garden!

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