NeoQ Non Vented Nasal Mask

- For Paediatric and Neonates, weighing <5kg - 8kg

NeoQ Non Vented Nasal Mask

The NeoQ baby mask range has been developed with new cushion technology in 4 sizes to fit all nose shapes, maintaining a high level of comfort and stability. 

The one-piece silicone mask allows excellent forehead positioning, support and clinical application, allowing baby's natural structural development and a range of mask sizes previously unavailable in the neonatal fraternity. 

Material PC for connector, Silicone for cushion (seal), PP for tube, Nylon for headgear  

Key Features
  • Size range for baby's continued development
  • One piece silicone for support and positioning
  • Easy to fit high compliance for baby and clinician
  • Comfort - ensuring child acceptance with little or no structural damage

Price: £96.00 (£80.00 ex. VAT)

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