Ease Full Face Mask

- Easy to use & Easy to clean Full Face Mask

Ease Full Face Mask
  • HSINER Ease Full Face Title

The Ease Full Face mask, combines proven performance coupled with the latest full face mask technology ensuring user acceptance and compliance. Designed to minimise associated fitting issues, unintentional mask and mouth leaks the Ease Full Face mask will help establish effective therapy, comfort, and sleep quality. Covering both the nose and mouth this mask range will enable effective sealing and therapy, with less replacement parts than most other full face masks. The Ease Full Face mask not only delivers on quality and durability but also cost effectiveness.

Key Features
  • Easy to use Enhancing patient acceptance and compliance
  • Easy to clean Less parts to assemble, fewer breakages, reduced fitting time for clinicians and users.
  • Lightweight and robust Patient comfort and mask longevity showing cost savings to the NHS and Departments.
  • Excellent flow characteristics Maintaining with low dead space,
  • reduced patient symptoms.
  • Ergonomically designed Reduced noise disturbance throughout the night.

Price: £72.00 (£60.00 ex. VAT)

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