CPAP Hose Lift

- eliminating hose hassle entanglement

CPAP Hose Lift

Helps prevent mask leaks caused by the pulling/tugging of the hose when moving around in bed.Suspends the hose above the head which helps both with prolonging the life of the hose, and also keeping it well out of the way, which in turn prevents tangle. The curly cord roller loop means the hose will easily rotate when turning over in bed, allowing freedom to toss and turn without disturbing the mask seal, hence helping minimise mask leaks 

Key Features
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • When folded into its own bag, it weighs 5.5 ounces (156 g) and is only 2.1 inches in diameter by 7 inches in length (5.3 x 18 cm).

Price: £84.00 (£70.00 ex. VAT)

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