Ease Nasal Mask

- Easy to use & Easy to clean Nasal Mask

Ease Nasal Mask

The Ease Nasal Mask provides versatility, with simplicity, comfort and durability, It has excellent flow characteristics maintaining low dead space. 


Easy to use enhancing patient acceptance and compliance 

Having fewer parts than most other manufacturers it is simple to clean. 

Key Features
  • Easy to use Enhancing patient acceptance and compliance
  • Easy to clean with fewer parts to assemble, fewer breakages, reduced fitting time for clinicians and users.
  • Lightweight and robust ensuring patient comfort and mask longevity, showing cost savings to the NHS and Departments.
  • Excellent flow characteristics maintaining low dead space, reduced patient symptoms.
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce noise disturbance throughout the night.

Price: £54.00 (£45.00 ex. VAT)

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