SoClean 2 Competition Winner

In January 2017, RemServe Medical attended the annual ARTP Conference in Belfast with our good friends at "SoClean Solutions", during this event we ran a raffle competition to give away one of the brand new SoClean2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitiser devices. 

We sent out an e-mail newsletter to all of our subscribers once the competition had ended and we returned back to the office to announce and congratulate the winner. 

The Winner of the SoClean 2 Raffle is

 Joanna Van Der Leer 


We will now be looking to visit various customers all around the country to give demonstrations for the new SoClean 2 and send out any 30-day trial demo units that are requested. We believe this product has so many advantages to the world of CPAP, we are very excited to see how the next few months unfold as we roll out this new device to the NHS and to the public.

But this device is not just for Sleep Clinics and other departments within Hospitals, this device is an ideal product for every CPAP user to have in their own home. The SoClean2 cleans 99.9% of bacteria inside the mask, the hose/tubing, the device – including humidifier reservoirs without the need for water or any chemicals.

The whole process can be automated to the point where you simply drop the mask in to the chamber on a morning when you get up/take the mask off, close the lid and then the SoClean2 will do the rest. The SoClean2 has a programmable timer which begin its cleaning cycle at the time you provide meaning it will be cleaned and ready to use again by the time you get back in to bed.

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