The Big Move at RemServe HQ

It's been a very busy couple of months at the RemServe Medical Supplies Headquarters! We've had lots of products to roll out and showcase, we have attended various exhibitions, conferences and support group/patient meetings. Whilst all of this has been happening we have also acquired some additional office space. We were beginning to feel like tinned sardines since going from 2 to 4 members of staff sharing the same office, with 3 desks and a coffee table. A decision was made that it was time to move out .. .. .. to the office next door - literally!

As you can see by the older pictures, we were starting to get a bit cramped in our old space with the addition of 2 new members of staff and needed some room to grow in to. The picture above (left) shows 2 desks back to back and part of our kitchen area, coat rack and filing cabinet. Then above (right) is the same space that has since been turned into storage space for some of our smaller products (SpO2 sensors, finger socks and some smaller masks for niche markets).

The old office space is now also being used to store a lot of our packing materials and we have also set up a new terminal for producing our packaging labels from our courier, which previously had been done on a shared computer/hot desk. This has helped to turn our "hot desk" into a fully functional terminal for Faye and an additional terminal has been installed for whoever is on packing duties on that particular day.

Our new office space has now given us much more room to stretch out and we even have an area that we can use for meetings that otherwise we would not have had space for. Although it may be worth pointing out that since the last picture (above, right) was taken we have added more desks and tidied up all the rubbish. I took this picture during the move as needed to get a PC up and running asap to answer phone call queries and orders.

So, what comes next? I suppose that would be the ARTP 2019 Conference up at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Glasgow Central. But more on that later .. .. .. 

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