BMC F5A Full Face Mask

As I am sure everyone reading this is having a fantastic Tuesday celebrating Yorkshire Day (yes, it's a thing, look it up!), we are even more pleased to announce that we are now able to supply the UK (& NHS) market with the latest Full Face mask from BMC-Medical dubbed the "F5A"!

The F5A mask is now one of the newest full-face mask series available on the market at this moment in time.

It is capable of auto-adaptation to the nose bridge and with a simple lightweight structure providing a more comfortable and effective fit, which in turn should assist patients with compliance and getting a better experience with their sleep therapy treatment.

Some of the key features of the N5A Full Face mask have been dubbed - "Auto adaptation". The groove-fit cushion is able to adapt itself to the nose bridge, maintaining low air leakage and reduced face pressure.

Its design and shape mean it is able to provide an unobstructed vision for the patient when wearing the mask. Thanks largely to the forehead frame-free design

The mask also comes with an Anti-asphyxia valve as a standard feature, as well as a detachable swivel elbow.

We are even featuring the N5A as part of our product spotlight and featuring it in our e-mail signatures for all outgoing mail.

For more information on this mask and the current pricing, you can check out the online listing for the mask here or contact us via phone (tel: 01623 821507) or e-mail us here for further information.

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