The SleepWeaver CPAP Mask from Circadiance

Are you struggling to find a comfortable CPAP Mask? Is your current mask leaving pressure sores? Are you allergic to the silicone cushion or latex? Then the SleepWeaver cloth mask from Circadiance may be the answer!

The SleepWeaver is a revolutionary new entry to the CPAP mask market. Coming from a specialist company from The States. Circadiance have taken some huge steps forwards with the designing of their mask range, they have really raised the bar for CPAP mask standards and expectations.

Being able to replace the plastic, which is the majority of a standard CPAP mask, with a cloth material has enabled the SleepWeaver to eliminate a wide variety of problems with the conventional CPAP mask including:

Reduced Air Leakage – with a proper fitting, as the mask inflates it helps to form a perfect seal against the patient’s face to reduce leakage.

Reduced Pressure from Headgear – due to the air seal from the pressure inside the mask, there is very little need to apply too much pressure by tightening the mask straps.

More Sleep Positions – due to the reduced amount of plastic housing on the mask, the patient is able to comfortably sleep on their side or a variety of positions that are otherwise uncomfortable for a patient whilst wearing a standard CPAP face mask.

No More Skin Irritation – As there is no plastic, silicone, latex, rubber or other materials other than cloth there is no chance of an allergic reaction which can be come with silicone mask cushions against the skin.

Less Noise – small exhalation holes eliminate any air “whooshing” or “whistling” sounds. Due to the way the mask fits, there is virtually no noise from leaks or air turbulence.

At RemServe Medical we do not even consider the SleepWeaver to be a bespoke mask to be used in cases of last resort when there are no other options for the patient, we see the SleepWeaver as a viable contender to be used as a first consideration when treating a patient.

Why not take a look at the SleepWeaver on our website? You may find that it is exactly what you are looking for. It is available in as a Full Face mask and 2 variations of Nasal masks depending on the type of headgear required to suit your needs.

Full Face – SleepWeaver Anew

Nasal Standard – SleepWeaver Elan

Nasal Alternative – SleepWeaver Advance

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