Changes and Updates!

There is a lot of new and exciting things happening at RemServe Medical. We also have a lot of changes that are still coming that we are looking forward to bringing to the world of CPAP and Sleep Apnoea.

To kick the post off, we are incredibly excited to announce that RemServe Medical has grown into a fully fledged family business with the addition of making Faye Wingfield part of our Customer Service Support department. Her initial roles are to assist with incoming e-mails and phone calls. Faye has also taken over the social media feeds (including or MailChimp e-mail campaign newsletters) and is in charge of posting new content, which you may have noticed an increased amount of new from us since April/May time this year. Once Faye passes her driving test, she will also be going out on the road and visiting customers.

As well our new Customer Service Support representative, we are proud to announce that we have also acquired the services of Tracy Williams as our Head of Finance. Tracy was originally an outside contractor who came to us for 2 half days a week but as her role with the company has become more integral and the company has grown, we have acquired her services starting at 3 full-days at week.

Another fantastic bit of news to report is we have acquired an additional office, due to recent expansion plans, we have gone from the need of 2 desks to 4 and this was becoming an increasingly tight squeeze in our office space. Fortunately, we were able to obtain the office next door which means we have a connecting door to our current warehouse and turned our old office space in to additional storage room.

We also have some new product information to share with you, which you have hopefully already seen on our various social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for example). But we will product separate blog posts for the product lines to keep it easier on the eye and easier to read.

Well, that's all for now, but watch this space. We have a lot more content to share with you in the coming days/weeks.

Have a wonderful day.
Chris Junior.


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