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We were able to attend this year’s Medica international trade fair exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany. It was a fantastic opportunity for the sales team to meet with a very large number of our current suppliers who have travelled from across the globe to exhibit at the conference. We flew... read more


Are you in need of a cleaning solution that cleans your mask, your tubing (hose) AND your device? Do you want to get rid of persistent smells (e.g. cigarette smoke, pet/animal smells)? The SoClean may be what you’re looking for. The new SoClean2 product from the SoClean company has made its... read more


Are you keeping your mask clean? How about your tubing? We can help keep your CPAP equipment clean and bacteria free. RemServe Medical were absolutely delighted to be invited to the 4th Annual OSA Support Group evening held at the University Hospital of Coventry and Warwickshire on Tuesday the... read more


Are you struggling to find a comfortable CPAP Mask? Is your current mask leaving pressure sores? Are you allergic to the silicone cushion or latex? Then the SleepWeaver cloth mask from Circadiance may be the answer! The SleepWeaver is a revolutionary new entry to the CPAP mask market. Coming from... read more