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Sleep Apnoea (Specifically OSA - Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) is a sleep disorder that affects millions of individuals worldwide. Despite its prevalence, many people remain undiagnosed and unaware of the potential health risks associated with untreated OSA. In this blog post, we will delve into the... read more


We have received confirmation from the courier we use (APC Overnight) to ship our consignments out to yourselves, stating what kind of service to expect over the Christmas period.  This will only affect any NHS-based customers. All our Ebay sales/customers should be largely unaffected as we... read more


Need an alternative to traditional headgear?  - This could be exactly what you're looking for We are now fully stocked up on an incredibly comfortable alternative headgear that is very soft AND lightweight! Being heavily involved with the design process we have even gone as far to have... read more


It's been too long!! We're sorry we haven't been in touch recently, we've really missed you. So what's been going on with you lately?? Well over at RemServe Medical, there has been a lot going on. That's probably why we've only just gotten round to writing this blog. I'll leave you a brief... read more


It's been a very busy couple of months at the RemServe Medical Supplies Headquarters! We've had lots of products to roll out and showcase, we have attended various exhibitions, conferences and support group/patient meetings. Whilst all of this has been happening we have also acquired some... read more


The new FitMax Total Face mask range from BesMed for Paediatrics (and Adults). The FitMax has been specifically designed for Paediatric and Infants in mind where a good seal is tantamount to the administration of CPAP & NIV treatment. Available in 5 sizes, the mask comes with vented and... read more